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Welcome to Quik Connect Pty Ltd.

Quik Connect has developed an integrated management system, which deals with all aspects of Quality, Environment & Health and Safety.

The Company has a number of policies in place including:

  • Quality Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Rehabilitation & Return to Work Policy

The investigation process of all Accident/incidents and Near Misses ensure safety is not compromised.

Safe Work Method Statements & Job Safety Analysis are used on all types of work within our industry.

Our Company is committed to ongoing training and all Employees and Sub-contractors must complete the foundations for Safety Construction Industry Basic Induction course.

Quik Connect’s ongoing commitment to Safety and the dedication of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee & Management ensures a safe and committed work place.

Quik Connect Documentation and Certification

Quik Connect documentation can be found under the following categories. Password required for access.

Section 1. Certificates

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  • Certificates
  • Licenses

Section 2. Policies

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  • Occupational Health & Safety Policy
  • Quality Policy
  • Rehabilitation & Return to Work Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Discrimination & Harassment Policy
  • Company Vehicle Policy
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy

Employee Policies

  • Employee Conditions
  • Issue Resolution Flowchart

Emergency Procedures

  • Minor – First Aid Injury
  • Major – Medical Treatment
  • Spillage
  • Discovery Fire or Smoke or Explosion
  • Actions of the Warden/Supervisor/Manager
  • Bomb Threat
  • Traffic Vehicle or 3rd Party Vehicle Accidents
  • Incident Reporting – Procedure No. 25
  • Conducting Routine Service Work – Procedure No. 19
  • Managing Plant Tools & Equipment Book – Procedure No. 37

Safe Work, Environmental Work Instructions & Work Method Statements

  • SWI01
  • WM001 Installation General Light & Power
  • SWI02 – SWI17
  • EWI001 – EWI006
  • WM002 Installation Industrial Light & Power
  • WM003 Fault Finding/Maintenance
  • WM004 Demolition
  • WM005 Control Panel/Switchboard Manufacture

Section 3. Forms

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  • JSEA Sheet
  • Hot Work Permit
  • Confined Space Work Permit
  • Accident/Incident Repot Form
  • Non-Conformance Report
  • Tool Box Meeting Minutes Report
  • Manual Handling Activity Statement
  • WrokSafe to Commence Excavation Form

Asbestos Forms

  • Control Plan for Asbestos Removal Form
  • Asbestos Site Audit Report
  • Equipment Log Sheet
  • Maintenance Form
  • Asbestos Site Log Sheet
  • WorkSafe Notification of Asbestos Removal Form
  • WorkSafe Health Surveillance Report Form
  • EPA Waste Transport Certificate Draft

Material Safety Data Sheets